Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chapter 2--Getting to know each other

I couldn't help but stare at Thad. Even the way he drinks his Pepsi is sexy. I cannot help to feel anxious and nervous around him. I am just glad my lust for him went away. It got replaced by my nerves. "So, Liliana, what do you do for a living?" Thad asked me.
"I am a parole officer," I said and he smiled.
"How can you deal with parolees all day?"
"Hey, after the comments on my boobs, they are half way decent!" We laughed and we went back to the awkward silence."So, how long have you own the condos?" I asked him before taking a bite out of my hamburger.
"I built them over twelve years ago and when the old owner wanted to retire three years ago, I bought it from him," Thad said.
"You don't seem that old though!"
"I am thirty-four years old, I been a contractor ever since I got out of college."
"You got twelve years on me."
"Does that bother you, Liliana?"
"Of course not." Wow, he looks so good for his age. We finished eating and as we walked to the car, he opened the car door for me and I quietly got in. Thad drove to the nearest community park and we sat at a bench and talked. "Tell me about yourself, Liliana," Thad said and I sighed.
"I went to college for criminal justice and I always wanted to be a parole officer. My mother is a probation officer and she loves it. She loves hearing the stories from her clients how they wanted to better their lives and I wanted to do the same thing," I said and he smiled.
"I always wanted to build stuff. My father owned a business where he got to build businesses and made good money. I went to New York University and got my 4-year degree in contracting and, here I am, I told you the rest," He said and I smiled. He seems so interesting and I wanted more of him. This is not the lust that is talking, this is me, the woman, talking.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chapter 1--Is it Real?

It has been over a month since I moved into my condo in West Queens, New York. Thad comes around once in a while to check on me. He is a good landlord. He is a very sexy man, also. My good friend, Ellen Glen, comes over and we both look at Thad's sexy muscles. "Man, I would do anything to get a piece of that ass," Ellen said to me.
"Why would he even come to me?" I said to her and she slapped my arm.
"Lili, you are a very sexy woman, I remember in high school, all the guys wanted you!"
"That was high school, Ellen. Right now, it's the real world. Who wants a red head like me?"
"Thad looks at you a lot. I seen him check you out."
"For real? Are you sure he ain't checking on me since I am a charity case?"
"Who says you are a charity case?"
"Mom and dad..." My parents still hate the fact I did not come straight home after college. I spent four years getting my degree in journalism so I get a top notch job, which I did. I start working at Channel 4 Monday morning. They just don't want their only daughter to get hurt. There is nothing bad about this neighborhood, excluding the rude ass holes that yell for me to have a one-night stand with them. "Lili, I think you need to go to Thad and talk to him," Ellen said.
"What about you, why can't you go out there and talk to him?" I said to her and she laughed.
"I got a man that I am going to talk to at work. Don't be shy, get your sexy ass out there and talk to him!" Ellen pushed me out the door and into the backyard that all the residents share. He is fixing some siding and he is shirtless even though it's forty-something degrees outside. I am bundled in my jacket, still freezing to death and he is in shorts and has no shirt on. "Thad?" I said loud enough so he can hear and he stood up and turned around. I gulped when I seen his washboard abs and his nice tan skin that has blonde hairs all over his massive chest. I love how his blonde hair is the color of snow, makes me want to run my fingers through it. I swallowed and he put his hands on his hips, "What is wrong, Liliana?" Thad said to me.
"Nothing, just wanted to talk to you," I said nervously.
"About what?"
"Just a friendly chat."
"I am kind of busy, if you want to, I can take you to Smartie's down the street for some coffee later."
"Coffee sounds really good right now!"
"Well, I will come over whenever I am ready, okay?" I nodded and I ran back inside my condo. My condo is decorated with pictures of my parents and myself when we went to Long Island on vacation throughout my childhood. I decided when it becomes summertime again, I am going to go on vacation to Long Island. I went to my bathroom and began to clean myself up for my outing with Thad and I want to look good for him. I brushed my fire red curls out and put some make up on so I don't look as pale and my freckles don't stand out. My green eyes, which is the ONLY thing I like about myself, look ravishing with the eyeliner I put on and I looked at myself and smiled. I look very good! Two hours later, Thad knocked on my door and when I opened it, he is smiling at me. He has a genuine smile and his white, straight teeth shine like diamonds. "Ready to go?" He asked me.
"Yeah, I am ready!" I said happily and his hand went to the back of my neck and he lead me to his car. As he drove down the block to the little cafe, I wondered, Why am I desiring him so much? I ache between my legs every time I see him. I wonder if my libido is finally starting to take effect. I never been with a man. Never ever. I kissed several men, but never touched a man or slept with a man. Ellen has been with several men and I get sick and tired of hearing her stories. I just want to know if it's real or not. Is my desire real?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Prologue--Moving In

It felt so cold...
I can see my breath in the cold air surrounding me. It began to snow. My mother and father told me all about going out into the real world. I wanted my own life. I pulled my heavy jacket higher on my shoulders and I walked down the sidewalk, ignoring the sexual comments sent my way. They don't understand that I am only twenty-two years old, sent out to start my own life after college. "Hey baby, want my number?" A rude man said to me and I began to run. My friend gave me the address to a condo I am renting and I seen the side street just ahead of me. I knew that once I move in I needed a car. Maybe the men on the streets would leave me alone then. I looked at the piece of paper then up at a red brick building and the address is right. I went to the office and a man is talking on a cellphone. "Sonofabitch, I told you that number 6 has a water leak and they have to evacuate yesterday, I need that fixed NOW!" The man yelled at the phone. I put my hands in my pockets and cleared my throat, hoping that he heard me. When he turned around, he looked into my green eyes and I looked into his clear blue eyes. He has to be at least thirty years old and he is very attractive. "Are you my ten o'clock appointment?" He asked me.
"Yes, I am Liliana Sparks," I said to him and he smiled.
"I am Thad Thomas, sit down and I will tell you about what you are getting yourself into." I sat down and he explained to me about how much I owe, which includes my utilities and everything I needed to know. He even offered furniture free of charge since this is my first place.
"Miss Sparks, if you agree to these terms, please sign the lease and I am guessing Miss Glen gave you the tour of the condo itself?" Thad said and I nodded. I signed the lease and he handed me the keys. When I looked into his eyes, I knew one thing, for some reason, I wanted him and I wanted him now...